• "Decades of hunting for lost treasures, a hunt that translates into vast amounts of money, resulted in a huge model of a collection"

    Excerpt from the book THOUGHTS of Paul Canellopoulos

Byzantine and Post-Byzantine era

Two Byzantine icons were the starting point for the largest private collection of Greek art—the P & A Canellopoulos Collection. The icons in the collection represent various eras and styles:

  • The era before the Fall of Constantinople in the 14th and early 15th
  • The Cretan School, with characteristic works signed by great masters (Michael Damaskinos, Emmanuel Lampardos, Frangias Kavertzas, Ieremias Palladas, Victor, Spyridon Stentas, Filotheos Skoufos, Emmanuel Tzanes).
  • The Ionian School with both signed and unsigned icons with the attributes of major painters of the time (Poulakis—to whom Panagia “Tree of Jesse” is attributed; Nikolaos Kallergis).
  • Painting from other islands, as typified by the icon of Archangel Michael by Iakovos from Amorgos.
  • The Macedonian School, modelled after the art of late-Hellenistic and Roman times, as typified by the bust of Christ Pantocrator with Panagia and St John in supplication, which is thought to form part of the cycle of the famous contemporary painter Frangos Catelanos.
  • The icon workshops of Mount Athos. It is the time when many painters, encouraged by Dionysios, a monk from Fourna, Agrafa, copy icons that survived on the Holy Mountain. During that time there is a trend for a return to the standards of the Cretan masters of the 15th and 16th

The collection also includes additional lines of exhibits such as:

  • Jewellery
  • Liturgical objects
  • Embroidery, gold and silver metallurgy, wood carving.

Archangel Michael

Busts of the Twelve Apostles

Censer calyx

Centre panel of triptych: Saint Nicholas

Chalice of Metropolitan Theoleptos

Christ and the Samaritan woman

Christ Pantocrator

Christ Pantocrator

Christ Pantocrator in throne

Christ’s head

Dormition of the Theotokos with scenes and saints on the frame

Earring with the bust of Theotokos

Epigonation with the Annunciation

Epigonation with the Last Supper

Golden Cross

Hyperpyron of Andronicus I. Constantinople

Hyperpyron of Andronicus I. Constantinople

Lead seal of the imperial court of justice

Lead seal of the imperial court of justice

Litany Cross

Litany Cross

Necklace with metal and glass beads and one amethyst

Necklace with rectangular pendant

Pair of crescent-shaped earrings with cross and two peacocks

Panagia “Tree of Jesse” with Saints Joachim and Anne

Panagia Glykophilousa

Panagia Kardiotissa

Panagia, Madre della Consolazione

Pectoral cross

Pectoral cross – relic case

Pectoral cross with chain

Ring with a pair of figures in bust

Ring with bust of Nike

Ring with chain-link decoration

Ring with the monogram of Basilakes

Saint Andreas

Saint Anthony and scenes from his life

Saint Catherine

Saint Constantine

Saint George Palamas and Saint Dionysius the Areopagite

Saint George the dragon-slayer, on horseback

Saint Nicholas

Saints Andreas, Kosmas, Damianos and Stephanos

Saints Theodore on horseback


The Descent into Hades

The martyrdom of St Paraskevi

The miracle at Chonae

The Second Coming

The Ultimate Humiliation

Triptych panel: Adoration of the Magi

Triptych: Panagia, dodecaorton scenes and donor

Wood-carved encolpium

Wood-carved, amphiglyph blessing cross