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Paul Canellopoulos with his older brothers Nellos and Leonidas
Paul Canellopoulos at a young age in Athens
Alexandra Londos–Canellopoulos
Paul Canellopoulos
Paul Canellopoulos at the Temple of Poseidon in Sounion
Paul and Alexandra in the early years of their marriage
Paul, Lena, Alexandra and Leo Canellopoulos in Gstaad
At a reception of Xenophon Zolotas in Grande Bretagne, with Elizabeth Taylor and Mike Todd
Alexandra Canellopoulos at an official event
Alexandra Canellopoulos painted by Yannis Moralis
Part of the collection of Paul and Alexandra Canellopoulos, in their home
Paul Canellopoulos in his study of Herodou Attikou St.
Alexandra Canellopoulos is photographed with one of the Museum's exhibits
Paul Canellopoulos at the Museum with Constantinos Tsatsos and Constantinos Karamanlis
The Academy of Athens bestows its Silver Medal to Paul Canellopoulos for the donation of his collection (1980)
Alexandra Canellopoulos and Constantinos Karamanlis at the opening of the Museum (1976)
Alexandra Canellopoulos photographed next to her portrait by Yannis Moralis
Award to Alexandra Canellopoulos with the "Medal of the City of Athens" (1999)
Alexandra Canellopoulos receives the "Medal of the City of Athens" (1999)
Alexandra Canellopoulos welcomes Konstantinos Stephanopoulos, President of the Republic (2000)
Event for the presentation of the renovated Museum (1998)
Alexandra Canellopoulos with the Minister of Culture Evangelos Venizelos (1998)
Alexandra Canellopoulos and Nellos Canellopoulos with the Deputy Minister of Culture Petros Tatoulis (2005)