The Foundation

Paul Canellopoulos is born

Paul Canellopoulos is born in Athens. He is the third son of the industrialist Angelos Canellopoulos and Eleni Economou. The firstborn is Nellos, while later the family will grow with the birth of Leonidas Canellopoulos.

Alexandra Londos is born

Alexandra Londos, later named Canellopoulos, is born in Athens. She is the eldest daughter of the politician, MP and minister, Dimitrios Londos and Melpomeni Skabavia.

Collective activity

Paul Canellopoulos completes his studies in Munich and decides to travel to Europe to study History, Art and Philosophy. At the core of his interest is the collection of Greek Art objects, with the aim of returning them to Greece.

"Identity" collector

Paul Canellopoulos receives an official license as a collector of Greek and Byzantine antiquities. His passion for antiquities will remain unquenched until the end of his life.

Order of the Legion of Honor

The French Republic honours Paul Canellopoulos with The National Order of Merit and with the Order of the Legion of Honor.

Wedding of Paul and Alexandra

Paul and Alexandra Canellopoulos join their lives. They will live in harmony, developing a common vision for culture.

Michaleas Mansion

The Canellopoulos Collection has a new home: the neoclassical mansion – the former home of the Athenian Michaleas family, on the northern slope of the Acropolis. In March 1969, the radical reconstruction of the building began, in order to transform it into a museum.

Studies and Collection

The French School of Athens – École Française d’Athènes (ÉfA) carries out studies on selected objects from the Canellopoulos Collection. It will publish 20 scientific papers in the French journal Bulletin de Correspondance Hellénique.

First official documentation

The first official documentation of the Collection, which at that time numbered 4,595 objects, is undertaken. The Archaeological Service is responsible for this, under the direction of Angeliki Andreomenou, Head of the Ephorate of Antiquities and Private Archaeological Collections.

Donation of the Collection

Paul and Alexandra Canellopoulos donate their valuable Collection to the Greek State. The Collection will be transferred to the State by an act of acceptance of donation, signed by the then Deputy Minister of Finance, Aristides Dimopoulos.

Award and the French Republic

The French Republic once again acknowledges the contribution of Paul Canelopoulos with The National Order of Merit and with the Order of the Legion of Honor.

Conservation of the Collection

The newly established Centre for the Conservation of Antiquities, under the direction of Paul Lazaridis, undertakes the conservation of objects in the Collection. He refers, among other things, to the conservation of 23 Byzantine icons.

Opening of the Museum

In July, the Paul and Alexandra Canellopoulos Museum opens its doors, a pioneering institution for the museological standards of the time.

Award from the Greek State

Paul Canellopoulos is awarded by the Greek State. The President of the Republic, Konstantinos Tsatsos, awards him the Order of Senior Brigadier of the Order of the Phoenix.

The Academy of Athens

The Academy of Athens honours Paul Canellopoulos with its silver medal for his contribution to Greek society


The book by Paul Canellopoulos, entitled “Thoughts”, is published. Texts of personal reflection, depicting aspects of his restless personality.

The Foundation

The Paul and Alexandra Canellopoulos Foundation is established. The purpose of the Foundation is the promotion of Greek Art, the promotion of Greek Culture and the advancement of Education. Its actions focus on “vulnerable” citizens and public benefit organizations.

New Wing

The Museum is expanding. Paul and Alexandra Canellopoulos donate to the Greek State, a new building adjacent to the Michaleas house.

Paul Canellopoulos passes away

Paul Canellopoulos passes away, at the age of 97 at his home in Athens.

Publication of catalogues

Publication of the catalogues “Ancient Art” and “Byzantine and Post-Byzantine Art” by the Paul and Alexandra Canellopoulos Foundation.

Alexandra Canellopoulos passes away

On July 23rd, Alexandra Canellopoulos passes away, at the age of 87.

The new generation

After the loss of Paul and Alexandra Canellopoulos, the new generation assumed the continuation of their work with dedication and a sense of duty. Since 2008, Nellos Canellopoulos has been the Chairman of the Board of Directors.