The Foundation

President’s Message
The Paul and Alexandra Canellopoulos Foundation will continue to focus on the promotion of Culture, Education and Social Support in the years to come.
President’s Message

The Paul & Alexandra Canellopoulos Foundation was built upon the great love of its founders for our land and its history. Their shared views and principles shaped their common drive to showcase the Greek spirit and civilization. The landmarks along this course have been the donation of the major private collection of Greek artefacts of Paul Canellopoulos to the Greek state, the creation of the Museum of the same name and the establishment of the Foundation which makes hands-on contributions in the areas of showcasing Greek art and culture, promoting education and supporting actions addressed to the less privileged social groups.

Building on this dynamic initiative, and with a sense of responsibility towards the needs of our time, we collaborate with public agencies and non-profit private entities and benevolent organisations, supporting their actions, boosting their dynamism and joining their course towards attaining their objectives in the areas of culture, education and social solidarity.

In the years ahead the Paul & Alexandra Canellopoulos Foundation will continue to focus steadily on the drive to promote all aspects of the Greek spirit and civilization and support benevolent actions, carrying on with enthusiasm the work of its founders and remaining true to their values and principles which inspired its establishment.

Nellos Canellopoulos
Chairman of the Board of the Paul & Alexandra Canellopoulos Foundation