Ark of the World

Grant for building a shelter for poor children and mothers


Grant to the Ark of the World  for building a shelter for poor children and mothers. The Ark caters to children who experience abandonment, racism and social exclusion on a daily basis in one of the most degraded parts of Athens, Akadimia Platonos.

It was started in 1998 by the then-26-year-old priest Antonios Papanikolaou as a hub of care, support and hope for the future of these children from the ‘other’ Athens. By 2007 the Ark brought together some 180 children, from babies to 18-year-old, in a multi-religious and multicultural community that flourishes and prospers under the love of Jesus. One hundred and fifty Greek children together with children from countries such as Romania, Bulgaria, Albania, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Ghana, Afghanistan and Iraq experience in harmony the tender and peaceful care of the Ark that provides relief against poverty, hunger, illness, exploitation and lack of education.