Sismanoglio Megaro – Greek Institute

Grant towards the cost of employing a specialist teacher of Greek


Grant to the Sismanoglio Megaro – Greek Institute towards the cost of employing, for a second year in a row, a specialist teacher of Greek. In 2010 Sismanoglio provided lessons in modern and ancient Greek to 502 students, and over the summer there were intensive courses of Greek for Turks and Turkish for Greek students from the Turkish Studies faculties of Greek universities.

Among its other activities the Sismanoglio Megaro provides free Greek language teaching. Specifically, it operates a Greek Institute, organises exhibitions, lectures, film screenings and musical nights aimed at promoting the knowledge of aspects of Greek culture and contemporary Greece as well as encouraging the Turkish people’s familiarisation with the Greek-Orthodox background of Turkey itself. The Greek Institute operates since February, 2009 and provides high-quality teaching of the Greek language. Taught by teachers experienced in teaching Greek as a foreign language, the lessons are free of charge. The Greek Institute is predominantly addressed to students and young scientists. The children’s classes on weekends attract almost all the children from Greek and mixed families. Classes of ancient Greek are also available since September, 2010.