Renovation of the Koletti residence

Friends of the Acropolis Association


Grant to the Friends of the Acropolis Public Benefit Association, assisted by the Acropolis Restoration Service (YSMA) and the Committee for the Preservation of the Acropolis Monuments (ESMA), for the architectural designs required for the conservation and renovation of the listed building known as the “Koletti” residence.

The property in question, located at 13 Polygnotou Street, is designated as a historical monument, belongs to the Greek State and today has been granted to YSMA. The grant of 45,000 euros which the Foundation has given the Friends of the Acropolis aims to fund the overall architectural designs and surveys required for the inclusion of the project in the NSRF program and to provide the necessary funds for the building’s restoration. The members of the Foundation’s Board recognized the significance of the project, which aims to promote Greek art through the promotion of the listed building and especially through the promotion of the invaluable archive for the Documentation of the Works on the Acropolis. The granting of the approved amount requires the characterization of the work as cultural by the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports.