Archaeological survey at “Faneromeni”

Systematic survey in the valley of Hiliomodi, Corinthia


Grant for the archaeological survey at “Faneromeni”, Hiliomodi in Corinthia, under the archaeologist Dr Eleni Korka.

The systematic survey in the valley of Hiliomodi, Corinthia started in September, 2013 by the archaeologist Dr Korka, who has been consistently interested in the are since 1984, after the chance discovery of an archaic sarcophagus in the “Faneromeni” site in July, 1984. A unique find for Greece in this style in an archaic monumental tomb made of limestone, this sarcophagus triggered the systematic excavations in the area.

The first three-year phase of excavations, from 2013 to 2016, covered the area where the sarcophagus was found and produced important traces of Tenea, the town which Pausanias reports had been founded by Trojan prisoners of Agamemnon.

The evidence of burial and building relics uncovered so far attests to continued activity in the region from archaic to Byzantine times. The project involved the participation of Greek and foreign students of archaeology from schools in Greece and abroad as well as from the National Technical University of Athens.