Sanctuary of Apollo Amyclaeus in Sparta

Grant to “The Friends of Amyclaeus”


Grant to “The Friends of Amyclaeus” society in support of the archaeological survey at the Sanctuary of Apollo Amyclaeus in Sparta. This project and the attendant archaeological work is carried out in the context of a five-year licence issued by the Ministry of Culture with a view to enhancing the archaeological site of Amyclae.

The work scheduled for 2018 and 2019 involves the following restoration and improvement operations in the area of the Spartan sanctuary: (a) continuing the restoration of the monument’s ancient courtyard using artificial stone and maintain the ancient stonework; (b) extending restoration work to the emblematic structure of the Sanctuary, the throne of Apollo Amyclaeus; (c) extending the restoration work to the sanctuary’s altar; and (d) developing a programme for the maintenance of the original materials. The total cost is estimated at €120,000.