“Galilee” Palliative Care Unit

Grant for the relief of patients with life-threatening diseases


Grant to the “GALILEE” Palliative Care Unit for its work of provifing relief to patients with life-threatening diseases.

“Galilee” was founded in March 2010 as an ecclesiastic benevolent foundation under the supervision of Metropolitan Nikolaos of Mesogaia and Lavreotiki. Its aim is to prevent and relieve the symptoms—both physical and psychological—of life-threatening diseases. It does not supplant any curative therapy but is provided as complementary care, aiming for improvement in the quality of life during all phases of the disease, from diagnosis to remission or relapse and the terminal stage. As part of this care, the family is also supported during the entire course of the illness, as well as in the period of grief and bereavement. It is staffed by a specialist team of health professionals—doctors, nursing staff, psychologist, social workers, physiotherapist—and a priest.