Museum of Cycladic Art

Archaeological exhibition on ancient theatre


Grant for the support of the major archaeological exhibition on ancient theatre organized by the Museum of Cycladic Art, intended to be presented in the halls of Stathatos Mansion from 27/3/2024 – World Theatre Day, until 15/7/2024.

The exhibition aims to inform about ancient drama from its beginnings as a cultic event to its development and culmination in the highest literary and theatrical genre by focusing on sculptures, vases depicting scenes from the tragedies and a variety of works related to the costumes of the actors, the worship of the Dionysus, the dramatic contests and the sponsors.

The main body of the exhibition consists of approximately 100 objects from Greek museums and will be accompanied by an equally large number of masterpieces from museums and collections abroad. The total number of works to be exhibited will include 15 objects from the Pavlos & Alexandra Canellopoulos Museum.

The members of the Board, recognizing the value of this exhibition for the History and Culture of our country as well as the promotion of Pavlos & Alexandra Canellopoulos Museum, unanimously decided that the Foundation will contribute towards the realization of this exhibition with the total amount of €100.000 distributed equally over 2 years (2023 and 2024).