“Elpida” Taurian Centre of Hellenic Studies

Grant for the promotion of Greek culture and the teaching of the Greek language


Grant to the ‘Elpida’ Taurian Centre of Hellenic Studies for the promotion of Greek culture and the teaching of the Greek language, in support of organising the 12th Educational Programme ‘Stars of the Peninsula’ in Crimea, Ukraine in August, 2011. the ‘Elpida’ Taurian Centre of Hellenic Studies has been organising this summer camp for the children of Crimea since 2000. Held in collaboration with the Organization for the Promotion of Greek language and the ‘Peninsula’ Cultural Society of Sevastopol, the camp takes place at the Omega camping facilities in Sevastopol, Crimea.

Addressed to children aged 12-16 who have excelled in the Crimean and Ukrainian Competition on the Greek Language, History & Civilization, the sponsored programme is intended to allow talented students to enrich their knowledge, combining lessons with relaxation at the seaside. Students at the summer camp attend lessons in Greek, lectures on Greek history and literature, courses in dance and song, special lessons in drawing, etc. They also take part in various events, educational excursions and competitions aimed at familiarizing them with the cultural heritage, civilization and traditions of Greece and the Greek monuments that survive in Crimea from ancient and Byzantine times to this day.

Assisted by experts and psychologists, the students combine learning with social programmes that instil universal human values and help develop their personalities. In this they are helped by distinguished schoolteachers and academics from the Universities of Crimea and the Ukraine, headed by Greek language teacher and psychologist Valentina Liahova.