Grant to to a member of MDA Hellas

Studies at the Natural Sciences Dept of the University of Cambridge


Grant to cover a scholarship to a member of MDA Hellas. Specifically, the Paul & Alexandra Canellopoulos Foundation responded to a request by MDA Hellas, a society in aid of people with neuromuscular diseases, and sponsored the MDA Hellas member Maria Peppa in her studies at the Natural Sciences Dept of the University of Cambridge.

MDA Hellas was established in Greece in January 2000 to help dealing with the various problems attendant to muscular dystrophy and other neuromuscular diseases and improve the living conditions for sufferers. MDA (Muscular Dystrophy Association), an international organisation with 185 branches around the world, believes that “there are no incurable diseases, only diseases for which the cure has yet to be found”.

The foremost aim of MDA Hellas is to help sufferers from neuromuscular diseases (young people, mostly) to make their way in society as best as possible and become active in education, health care, the workplace, culture and sports.