Restoration of the Philip Stoa on Delos island

Three-year restoration programme with a budget of €550.000


Grant to the Cyclades’ Ephorate of Antiquities towards the project of the partial restoration of the Portico of Philip.

According to the reasoning cited in the request, Delos is among the most important archaeological sites in Greece and a restoration programme could alter the island’s landscape, preserving its precious heritage from the ravages of time and rendering Delos one of the world’s top destinations.

The restoration work is to start with the portico of Philip, due to the sufficient number of surviving architectural elements as well as the location and significance of the edifice. The restoration of the portico is seen as an ambitious project and will remain as a major restorative intervention in one of the world’s top archaeological sites.

The three-year restoration programme (2017-2019), with a budget of €550.000, will be decisive in protecting the monuments, upgrading the archaeological site of Delos and promoting Greek art and culture.