Restoration of the Stoa of Philip in Delos

Ephorate of Cyclades Antiquities


The restoration of the Stoa of Philip in Delos is being intensified with planning and organization, so that everything is ready for the final study of the project and the for the restoration phase.

The work carried out from 10 to 20 April is essential but also extremely valuable for all phases of the project. The drone impressions of the monument reveal not only the impressive range of finds but also their classification, which will continue over the next days in order to establish precisely which finds “blend” with which, forming a unified whole. Whatever has not been found should be created and pasted. This will be included in the next phase, that of the study, which will also lead to a secure financial assessment of the project. Archaeologists, architects, topographers, surveyors, designers and marble craftsmen were involved in the work carried out.