Adult Day Centre / Open Door

Operation report for the period January – June 2023


Paul & Alexandra Canellopoulos Foundation supports the operation of the Adult Day Centre of the Cerebral Palsy Greece / Open Door, where 71 adults with severe disabilities attend workshops and programmes that correspond to their abilities, interests and age, and are constantly renewed, with the aim of maximizing their potential and offering companionship and personal satisfaction.

The program is implemented by two occupational therapists, a special educator, a trainer and six assistants, whose work is supervised by the Adult Department Manager and the Director of Programs and Services.

According to the Adult Day Center’s operation report for the period January – June 2023, supported under the 12/1/2023 donation agreement, the beneficiaries’ activities for the period January – June 2023 included:

– Creative activities of collage, painting and crafts with the theme of the changing seasons, Halloween, Easter and National Holidays and making candles and Easter, items for sale at the Centre’s Spring Holiday Market
– Coinage training programme
– Craft activities aimed at retaining knowledge (letters, colors, numbers, etc.)
– Making maps and discussing the customs of members’ home regions
– Motor and musical games
– Role-playing games
– Attending theatre and art performances at the Open Door
– Participation and organization of birthday parties for members

The Adult Day Centre is supported by the Medical Service, the Social Service and the Psychology Department of the Open Door. In addition, the Temporary Accommodation Hostel offers the people who are part of the Adult Day Centre weekly stays throughout the year, encouraging their socialization and assisting their parents with their daily care.

Operation report for the period January – June 2023 (available in Greek)