Common goal of a sustainable future

TITAN Group and Canellopoulos Foundation support actions for the natural environment


With a common goal of a sustainable future, they are undertaking initiatives in the fields of forest fire prevention and response, contributing to the North Evia Reconstruction Programme, carrying out climate risk studies and implementing an education and awareness programme.

A multi-level action plan, was presented today by Pavlos and Alexandra Canellopoulos Foundation and the TITAN Group as part of their participation in the national effort for the rehabilitation of fire-affected areas and the planning of preventive activities for the future.

The presentation took place at the TITAN plant in Kamari, Boeotia, in the presence of the Minister of Environment & Energy, Mr. Kostas Skrekas, the Minister of Climate Crisis and Civil Protection, Mr. Christos Stylianidis, the Secretary General of Forests, Mr. Konstantinos Aravosis and the Director General of Forests and Forest Environment, Mr. Evangelos Gountoufas, who were welcomed by Mrs. Alexandra Papalexopoulou, Vice President of the Executive Committee of TITAN Group and Mr. Nellos Canellopoulos, President of Pavlos and Alexandra Canellopoulos Foundation. The presentation was also attended by Mr. Konstantinos Kartalis, Professor of the Department of the Natural Environment, University of Athens, and Mr. Efthimios Lekkas, Professor of the Department of Geology and Geo-environment, University of Athens, as well as Mrs. Alexia Nikiforaki, Vice President of the Hellenic Society for the Protection of Nature, who described the work they have undertaken in the framework of the action programme. At the same time, part of the equipment delivered to the fire-fighting forces was presented.

Pavlos and Alexandra Canellopoulos Foundation and the TITAN Group, due to the extensive fires that hit the country in the summer of 2021, have joined forces to support the collective effort for a sustainable future in a targeted and effective manner.

As a result, the Pavlos and Alexandra Canellopoulos Foundation implements the following actions:
– Contribution to the North Evia Reconstruction Programme.
– Provision of 2 special fire-fighting and civil protection vehicles for the Region of Central Macedonia.
– Development and implementation of an educational program to raise awareness on fire prevention, in cooperation with the Hellenic Society for the Protection of Nature.

At the same time, TITAN, in close and direct cooperation with the local authorities and relevant bodies in all areas adjacent to its activities, is already proceeding with:
– Provision of a total of 50 silo vehicles, which have been converted into water tanks with a capacity of 30 m³ each, for the refuelling of fire-fighting vehicles in the regions of Attica (specifically West Attica), Western Greece, Central Macedonia, Crete and Central Greece.
– 3 open water tanks with a capacity of 40 m³ each to facilitate the rapid refuelling of fire-fighting helicopters (these tanks are located in the company’s quarry facilities in the regions of Western Greece, Central Macedonia, Central Greece and Central Greece).
– Climate risk assessment studies in adjacent areas of the Drepanos, Efkarpia and Kamari factories, in cooperation with the National University of Athens and the National Observatory of Athens, in order to use the valuable knowledge for the proper preparation of all and the avoidance of similar phenomena in the future.