TITAN-P&A Canellopoulos Foundation: 1 million euros donation

for environmental restoration and fire protection


TITAN Group and P&A Canellopoulos Foundation jointly participate in the effort to address the fire crisis with a package of immediate and long-term actions totaling EUR 1,000,000.

Specifically, TITAN, in close and direct cooperation with local authorities, provides mobile equipment to the firefighting forces and the creation of firebreak zones. At the same time, it undertakes initiatives focusing on prevention and protection against forest fires and has €500,000 available for:

Converting 50 silo vehicles into water tanks and handing them over to local authorities.

Creation of open water tanks for the rapid refuelling of fire-fighting helicopters.

Implementation of sustainable programmes for the management and restoration of the natural environment of selected affected areas and for the prevention of future fires, in cooperation with the Hellenic Society for the Protection of Nature and the Research Institute of Mediterranean Forest Ecosystems and Forest Products Technology.

Pavlos and Alexandra Canellopoulos Foundation will allocate €500,000 to initiatives that address the immediate consequences of this year’s fires. The needs and resources will be identified and allocated in consultation with the local authorities.