Non-profit “ANTHROPOS” mission

Assistance for the provisions for medical care program


Grant to the benevolent non-profit “ANTHROPOS” mission in support of the programme “Stiri-zoume : Medical and Pharmaceutical care for all”.

The Mission “ANTHROPS” consists of volunteer medical teams that offer medical care, diagnosis and treatment to thousands of adults and children in need in Greece and abroad and provide medical knowledge and experience to doctors and nursing/paramedical staff in specialised areas, in various ways (in sit, though cooperative networks, by funding their training, etc.).

Its actions include also the provision and shipping of medical and pharmaceutical supplies and medical equipment and the training of doctors and nursing/paramedical staff in the use of this equipment.

The actions of Mission “ANTHROPS” include the programmes “Emvolia-zoume: children without insurance, not without protection” for the vaccination of uninsured children and “Stiri-zoume: Medical and Pharmaceutical care for all” for uninsured or financially challenged citizens in Greece, funded by the contributions of individuals and corporations.