Mission “ANTHROPOS” Non-profit Organization

Εξατομικευμένη κάλυψη ιατρικών αναγκών παιδιών και ενηλίκων σε όλη την Ελλάδα


Assistance for the “We support: Medical care for all” program for the provision of medical care, for the year 2021. The objective of the program of the NGO “Mission ANTHROPOS” is the immediate and personalized coverage of medical and/or medicinal needs of children and adults throughout Greece who are cannot afford, are not eligible or do not have access to national health insurance.

The initiative “We support: Medical care for all “, which has been steadily implemented since 2013, implemented 285 requests, of which 225 were covered with the contribution of the Canellopoulou Foundation. The members of the Board of Directors of the Foundation deemed that the purpose of this program is in line with the aims of the Foundation, which include, among other things, support of the financially disadvantaged in the field of health, and decided to offer “Mission ANTHROPOS” a grant of 20,000 euros.