Hellenic Olympic Committee (HOC)

Implementation of the program “Kids’ Athletics”

Sponsorship to the NGO “Hellenic Olympic Committee”, for the contribution to the implementation of the program “I love sports” (“Kids’ Athletics”), which is offered free of charge and is held at the Panathenaic Stadium.

This programme is addressed to children and has an educational and athletic objective, as it highlights the promotion of sport and physical exercise in accordance with the principles of the Olympic Ideal, as well as the educational value of sport in the formation of the personality of young people in modern conditions.

In addition, this programme highlights the history of the Panathenaic Stadium. The members of the Board, taking into account the public benefit nature of this project, which is carried out by the Hellenic Olympic Committee and aims on the one hand to promote Greek Education and Art and on the other hand to highlight the monument of the Panathenaic Stadium, unanimously decided that the Foundation will assist in the implementation of the “I love sport” program with a grant of €20.000.